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Happy Craft Challenge - Always Anything Goes

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Saturday, March 31

The April Craft Challenge

Welcome to the April craft challenge I wish you all the very best of luck please follow the rules to ensure the best opportunities to win sections there maybe prizes on different challenges depends on sponsorship's. This challenge there is a $10 online craft gift voucher up for grabs at the end of the month for 1st place. I will try and make each and every craft challenge fun and catchy.

All entries will be eventually added to this blog where possible and all winners in each section will be added to the ebook fundraiser.

1. Decorate a shoe, this challenge is about moving forward and putting one foot forward in front of another, there must be a shoe seen in your project. 1, or two or many just need a shoe.

2. All things Shiny, now that we've moved forward it's time to shine, your project must share something shiny

3. You have the right to feel, craft with something felt in your challenge, never stop feeling and don't allow anyone tell you how to feel

4. You have the right to be seen create something miniature and make it big your way, enjoy life the way you want.

5. Family is everything, who do you consider your family get a photo that shares your family and make a scrapbook page for your family, show them how much they mean to you.

6. AFL season has begun, who's your favorite team show case a page or card or art you have to have made it that shoe cases your team colors.

7. Put something together, a flat pack a jigsaw anything life is about putting things and planning things, create something that you had to put together, again think different.

8. Something white turn something white into something pretty its about sharing your beauty within everyone is beautiful in their own way. White must be seen.

9.  There are plenty of fish in the sea, try something new that you have not made yet, a card you've not tried, a journal you wanted to start, give it new life. Never give up.

10. Flat as a dack, where always looking to make things pop and stand out, something flat can be just as pretty and exciting, make something flat and creative anything, think outside the box

11. Nothing like a good night sleep, here's something fun, design a pillow that you can sleep on, as much as we love craft we need sleep too.

12. Relax, aromatherapy helps you don't have to create your own sent but hey go for it bonus points there, but create something that has your favorite sent on it, can put on your craft table when you craft in your room next to your bed it has to have your favorite sent on it and share what it is.

13. Smile, nothing like seeing someone smile, make a gift and gift it share your moment with us, in a blog post, its not about boasting it's just about sharing and giving hope.

14. Color me happy below is a coloring piece have a go at coloring it in and share great way to finish off the challenge.

Thank you all for taking part, you can do 1 or all through our the month challenge ends Monday APRIL (edited) 30th and enter as many times as you want just be sure to follow the rules.

Wednesday, March 28

Easter Coloring Competition

To enter please download one of the 3 papers below, email your finished papers to or send via the blog or attach to any of our social media pages along with our hashtag #happyhourcrafters #hccolouringcompetition2018

Open all ages all levels, no internet designs must be done with natural pencils or paint or crayons. Don't forget to name your paper, there is a prize for
1st, 2nd and 3rd place more details to come.

Entries close
Tuesday 3rd April 2018
To ensure your entry is accepted donate $5 to beyondblue

Your support is greatly appreciated

All entries will be posted in our blog
Your support is greatly appreciated.

Bonus challenge

Hello everyone we have a bonus challenge happening its a challenge to keep you on your toes between rounds, we will keep it going until the end of April 2018, winner of the bonus challenge will be edited into our ebook and receive a bonus challenge ecertificate for the April round.

The challenge is YELLOW
Yellow must be clearly seen on your master piece
Please share a short paragraph on why you chose yellow in the way you did
The bonus challenge remains open until the 30th April 2018
To enter please follow the challenge rules and ensure we receive your notification
All entries will be posted via this blog
Good Luck
Happy Crafting

P.s For April there is a $10 online craft voucher up for grabs at the end of the challenge bonus round is included.

Tuesday, March 27

April Challenges

14 different challenges will be posted here on the 1st of April 2018, and further more on the 1st of each month, follow our blog to join the challenge. From time to time we may have a sponsor on board for our prize categories every winner will be announced in our blog here, presented in our monthly ebook and receive a certificate of thanks.

You can also nominate a challenge before each round, just share your ideas below it may get selected to be one of our official challenges, in return we ask you par take in what you nominated it too will be included in the ebook and possibly our friendly blog here as well, with your links, journey, photos and inspirations, that you can share with us to give hope for those going through mental illness. It's great to if you love a craft challenge as your work will inspire us all.

Thank for following happy crafting


So today was a day of scrapbooking, and I think I was in the zone as I am completely happy with the results, as I have a lot of pre made collectibles I try and add something that I done from scratch on every page to make my own personal touch and not to forget the effort that goes into laying everything out sometimes it can take me an hr before I am completely happy with one.

So here goes...

So this was the first one I did the personal touch was the red love heart I filled with a stencil and embossing powder, I have learned that I love using stencils over the last couple of days.

This one was a bit tricky but seems to be a popular one with great reviews I didn't know what my personal touch would be, so it was stencils considering my love for them just a different way other than emboss them I used a color pen to stencil in the wiggly lines in the middle and the photo corner at the top. Was done by me.

The third one today was the ribbon I find it hard tying ribbons so I found room to add a personal touch and an achievement on this beauty it was the last of the photos I got printed and laminated over the weekend. I think I love scrapbooking as much as I love card making now.

How was your day? did you craft? feel free to share below.
Happy crafting <3 Meegs

Sunday, March 25

Getting the hang of things

So over the weekend I have visited family what's new is that I now take craft stuff with me, and that I did and managed to create, learn and layer and created 3 new cards. in our facebook group we share some proud goodies and auction them off with all proceeds supporting beyondblue, feel free to join our facebook anytime and put a card or two up to help raise funds supporting anxiety and depression awareness.

The three are the latest on offer, I learned to layer to place things - and to cut straighter with these gems making it my personal touch.

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Happy Crafting - Thanks for joining me
P.s I'm only learning/new

Saturday, March 24

Welcome to the Happy Hour craft Challenge

Welcome to our blog spot blog, as I grow further into craft I am noticing many people I meet have blogger right here in the craft world, so I decided to add to our social media platforms with the Happy Hour challenge the opportunity to participate via blogger as well.

Happy Hour craft challenge is about giving yourself time to step away from the negativity you may have in your daily lives and focus on a personal achievement behind close doors in your own surroundings without being judged.

It's totally up to you what you want to share with us, but those cards you make, those scrapbooking pages you create will always give you a proud moment and a sense of achievement rather than responding to negative situations.

The challenge is also open to anyone that loves craft, any levels and any reasons, it will help inspire us all. on the first of each month I post via our blogs 14 different craft challenge where you can complete one a day or even the same one for 14 days or even just one or 3 which ever it maybe it your choice.

This challenge is different many online craft challenges have one theme for that month here we have plenty of choice, we also have award categories where winners receive a certificate and their entry into our end of month ebook.

So please feel free to join in follow and help us create a positive conversation through craft.
To enter for April all you need to do is post under our social media platforms eg underneath this blog post or our official April post we will share here to ensure we are notified and follow the rules via the link below.

Rules of the challenge found here:

Happy Craft Challenge Facebook Page

Thank you for your comments!

I read them all, and there for all are moderated. Thanks so much, I'm very greatful.

Megan XO