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Happy Craft Challenge - Always Anything Goes

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Monday, April 30

Winners Circle April

Chrystyne Paige - Members Choice

Maureen Wood Runner Up

Maureen Wood 1st Place

Gina Rowles 2nd Place

Maureen Wood 3rd Place

May 2018 Challenge

Welcome to the May 2018

craft challenge here are the official challenges, please read the instructions carefully as we grow more it's up to you to insure all is followed for your best chance of placing in the challenge. I wish the very best of luck and thank you so much for being a part of it.

Please follow instructions do not just post the challenge you chose, please share a paragraph or two what you created and why. Entries may not be accepted if details are not shared.

All Crafts, All Levels All Welcome


1. Blue, Green and White, you need to show case all 3 colors and share what it is you have created and why?

2. I can't help using? every crafter has a favorite machine, favorite color, favorite fabric favorite die favorite something, please create something you love using share what you made and why?

3. Circles, please show case at least one circle, and share what you made and why?

4. Beautiful Ink, what does using ink mean to you, please share what and why you have created your item?

5. Blue and Floral Please show case in your creations blue and floral and share what and why you created your item?

6. Bookmark it -  create a bookmark, please share why this book mark was created?

7. Numbers - create something that has a number, or numbers on it, share the meaning behind your numbers.?

8. Plain and Simple - everyone has their own versions of what is plain and what is simple, create something you think someone can easily make?

9. Something for all occasions - I'ts hard to find something for all occasions at times, share what you have made and why?

10. Vintage - What does vintage mean to you? I've seen many different version, please share what you have created and why?

11. Butterflies -I'm using a lot of butterflies, go crazy what have you created and why?

12. Soft - I'm curious on what you come up with your versions of soft, share what you have created and why?

13. Photos -  Create something with a photo of you in it, coffee mug, one page calendar anything share what you have created and why?

14. Stamps - Create something that you have used and interpreted a stamp, share what you have created and why?

Happy Crafting and the very best of luck and cannot wait to see your creations.

April Challenge - NOW CLOSED

Sunday, April 29

April challenge 8 create something white

Entry #10 Goes to Maureen Wood

My entry into challenge no: 8.corrected. It is not paper crafting this time . I love to knit and have been working to complete this at night. There will be 2 great grandchildren extra over the next couple of months. More pages to scrap. I ran out of wool. I but in the light I did not pick up that it was two different types of colour white . I know either one won't mine as I have done it before, they are quite use to my poor eye sight.

Video - Storage Ideas

I will be sharing many tips and tricks and my own DIY videos right here that I learn as I improve my own craft skills, one I uploaded today was an idea I saw recently to store dies, I don't have very many at the moment so it's perfect for what I can store at the moment, when I get more I'm sure many more ideas will come about how to preserve them.

Sunday, April 22

Design Team with Meegs - This months favorites that I made

So I will share regularly my few favorites that I create, as I don't enter the comp it would feel wrong if I did and won. So I'll just give you all this opportunity to share my top monthly favorites as I still create everyday as your Design Team member.

Number 1 to me is my die card that I made, was very happy how the layout turned out for this card.

I created my first ever junk journal its going to go around Australia hopefully and raise much needed funds for charity, I found out I'm not reall a fan of junk journals and stuck to scrapbooking more variety I reckon

This is my favorite scrapbook page it went straight to the official challenge album for April via our facebook page, because I am chasing 15,000 scrapbook pages for charity

I've really created a lot this month and enjoyed every bit only a few days left now, I think I'm going to try my own DIY video or blog post next month will make that as a goal apologies if it doesn't happen in advance, but I'll give it a go if it works I'll share it.

I also received this month another lovely parcel of craft supplies which is helping greatly as I am not limited to skills as I was in the early days. I'm so blessed and grateful for this wonderful community. Thank you all for making it possible

Find it here via facebook

Best Wishes to all and happy crafting 
Design Team member  - MEEGS

Friday, April 20

April Challenge 6 - Create something with your favorite footy colors

Today we recieved an entry for challenge 6, she is an avid Essendon fan ever since she can remember. This entry was by

Corina Chantel De Haan

Visit our facebook page anytime to keep up with the updates and posts of ongoing entries in real time, look forward to seeing you there <3

Entry #4 April 2018

Thursday, April 5

April Challenge 7 - Put something together

7. Put something together, a flat pack a jigsaw anything life is about putting things and planning things, create something that you had to put together, again think different.

Thank you to Maureen Wood for her attempt to entry 7, she chose to do something new once a month even a new fold, thank you Maureen your cards are fantastic

Entry # 3 April

Monday, April 2

April Challenge 2 - Something Shiny

We have enetries happening in the April challenge it's awesome, I will post as many as I can in our blog to inspire you, winners will be further more added to the end of month ebook. This section I will add all challenge 2. Something shiny

This entry is from Happy Hour Crafter Member Chrystyne Paige VICTORIA, who created a piece of art on some shiny foil thank you for your entry we greatly appreciate it.

Entry #1 April

Our second entry for the something shiny belongs to Maureen Wood QLD thank you so much

Entry # 2 April

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling

Entry #5 goes to Gina Rowles for something Shiny Thank you this is awesome

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