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Tuesday, July 31

Happy News July 2018

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Megan Flynn - 30th July

If you have a birthday next month let me know
and we'll add you to the birthday club list here!

July saw a monthly make over with our craft challenge, we went from uploading to facebook albums to sharing our links via the blog and there for turning the theme into trashy july with minimal entries.

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Congratulations to Maureen Wood 
who will receive this months monthly prize of a $20 Kaszazz Voucher and a set of Cards from the Regal Craft Store Tasmania.

We now only have one theme, and one winner, and from here on in each winner will have the opportunity to be a guest blogger and choose the next months theme. winner is chosen random by the link generator.

We have a whole new month to look forward to now with our BINGO game in AUGUST. All craft, All Products, All Welcome.

Australian Residents only in the running for the Kaszazz Voucher international top participant will receive an offer as a guest blogger.
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We sure hope you join us for a bran new month, why not join our facebook group daily inspiration and activities for all to keep you all on your toes.

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Below is a blank layout via pinterest and a mood board I created for you to enjoy, feel free to email and share your creations via facebook anytime, we may blog them here.

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Lily Bee sketch by Cindy Liebel #scrapbooking #sketch

Craft is always a happy place to be in, have a wonderful August 2018

Monday, July 30

The Happy Craft challenge August 2018 - BINGO!!

Come join the Happy Craft Challenge Bingo game for August 2018. It's open to all crafts, all products from all over the world. Australian residents only could win themselves a $20 Kaszazz voucher redeemed through consultant #110897 - Megan Flynn, and a offer as a guest blogger right here. Internationals could win an offer as a guest blogger here, all posting about their winning entries and journey's on what got them here.

So why not come and try your luck with craft BINGO its fun, I promise.
Please only use the link with your entry in it, do not use whole pages, they'll be removed, and ensure you complete one whole line with each creation other wise its not BINGO.

Entries are now open!!

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Sunday, July 29

Just add ink - Add a TWIST challenge

Here is my layout challenge for the Just add ink craft challenge, thank you creating this wonderful challenge and allowing me to par take.

The twisted feature is the twisting words in the middle and I colored around them just with a normal marker.

Have a wonderful day

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The Great Australian Craft Crawl

Hi there friends

We are pleased to be able to share with you that our craft class at the I made it creative cafe to be held on the 27th August 2018 will be a part of the Aussie Craft Crawl. We are delighted to support mental health and suicide depression for many reasons that is close to our heart.

We are creating a from the stunning Kaszazz collection a Happy Hello card, quite fitting really I cannot wait to share the outcome of our class next month.

Saturday, July 28

Trying techniques - Something I've not done

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So this weekend I am with family and finding my mojo again with my knee a little more bearable, I can even craft again, I tried 2 new things today craft wise, the top splitting a creation and putting a line through the middle not sure if there is a name for it, I saw this idea in many of the videos I watch. and below is my first time coloring a stamp then cutting it with the die machine and fully completed.

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Tuesday, July 24

2019 Craft retreat in the making

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Yes we are planning a road trip with the Happy Crafters community have had already strong interest, the venue has been chosen the dates almost bookings are just around the corner..... We have a campers retreat group coming very soon to discuss the big weekend. So Excited will be in the warm part of the year we hope....You can just never tell these days...All welcome, all craft lovers come together...and unite...

Happy times are here again

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I just love receiving happy mail in the mail, it's the smallest things that I enjoy the most can do oh so much with these cute little butterfly stamps and create a card to gift to someone that needs a smile and to feel accepted.

It's the now that needs to stand out the most!!

I've not forgotten the hard work I've put in my community walks, I walked from Melbourne to Adelaide covered over 1,500kms on foor on road, in towns and on the treadmill many of times and most of the time for mental health awareness. The sad part of it that I am forgetting is the bullying the hatred that I received towards it, it's very hurtful and painful to think about, and as I said before negativity sticks, so many comments and words have never left me, but to help me not even go there anymore craft plays a big part.

Craft allows me to be proud of what I have created and achieved and the same with my walks that I did for the community and awareness that what I focus on my proud achievements now. each creation allows me to focus on happiness and not give the haters anymore time of day.

Everyone has history no one is perfect but at lest my history shows how much I care and want to help others and raise awareness, my history shows that I don't bang on publicly in trying cause other grief, and that's a pretty impressive history to have, whilst many times things might not have gone the way I wanted, sometimes beyond my control, at lest my history shows how much I care about the communities I am part of and that I'm with at the time.

I don't look for fault in people day in and day out, I don't lie about people or simply lie, I don't steal, I don't publicly hurt and humiliate others., I do have a right to stand up for myself as much as the next person, but the hardest part knowing when should I stop caring about what they are saying, I have finally learned this, when they do nothing but make you feel bad and continue with everything with a but.....its like what ever?....move on you know the answer. they are just being irritating.

But anyhow the point of this post is about focusing on the now, It's been heard that she's not even talking about her walks now she knows she did wrong, actually they are wrong, I'm entitled to move on and live my life and I'm not spending the rest of my life and wasting my time with people who have nothing better to do. There comes a point where you just have to move on, they know they have nothing and trying to get me not to be able to move on and continue to live my life, does not make the fact I'm wrong just makes it that I am better than that now, my walking days are long gone, I'm now enjoying my craft, I achieved quite impressive fitness achievements which only one would dream off doing and I'm focusing on my proud moments, not sorry that I'm not giving haters attention anymore. I'm happier than I have been for a long long time....

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My knee now needs surgery its torn cartlidge, swelling and odema and god knows when that may take place

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I've raised over $1,000 for mental health and now I continue to choose mental health for obvious reasons

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I shaved my hair for cancer awareness I've learned so much on how to do a successful fundraiser now, its not because of the haters its because of my own experience that I experienced..

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I've walked in the thousands of kms for mental illness and other charities and god dam proud of what I did achieve, it might not have been perfect but I can say that I did what any other fundraiser does, the sad bit was the hatred that came with every step I took no matter how far I went was not good enough and it was hated upon enough to give anyone a stroke.
So as you can see everyones life has chapters and the one I'm at now is what I'm enjoying now and thats craft and still raising plenty of awareness and funds when possible for beyodnblue and anxiety and depression which I have now been officially diagnosed with.

There comes a time in ones life when enough is enough and you know what you need to do make life about you!!! Find like minded friends that wont continuously bash you online and focus on the happy surroundings around you now.

If you need help feel lonely please join one of our groups share your story or contact beyondblue and talk to someone there anytime, you have the right to be happy right now!!

August Craft Challenge 2018

Embellishments don't work - Super glue a relationship with yourself!!

It can be hard losing a family member or friend for what ever reasons it maybe and more to often its never their fault, always yours because they don't want to come to terms with reality and expect you to deal with it so they can move on.

It hurts and always will and your entitled to feel that don't ever let them tell you that your not allowed to feel, unlike craft if we make a boo boo we can place an embellishment over it, when a friend leaves your life especially long term ones or family members you cannot simply embellish it either ways, they two will be hurting, weather they choose to show it or not.

Stay true to yourself talk to the people you do have around you, go to your local church and join a social group to keep busy but most of all keep real to yourself.

You may never get over it, it's ok, they may never know that their loss, maybe it was never meant to be in the first place even after years of friendship, they choose to leave you, maybe they where never true to you to begin with, not your fault their loss.

This coming from my own experience. Losing friends long term

The article blow shares about divorce, divorce can be your friend divorcing your relationship in so many ways it's related  You can end up sharing similar after math scenarios depression and anxiety please seek help if you feel stressed and at at a loss there is help out there, its also a good read for those actually experiencing divorce...I can relate to it either way as in friendship divorce..

From the article from beyondblue
This article talks about relationship break down from beyondblue, always remember its ok to feel, don't ever allow anyone to tell you, that you can't, super glue that relationship with yourself and remain strong and true, it does not get easier you just learn for next time, like rightio next time I will allow myself to be happy more!! The way I see it, after trusting so many and losing so many, now it is about me, this is my life and why shouldn't it be about me!! they are allowed to live their own so can I!!

I even start a scrapbook page today there is something I did two things YAY!! Keep on CRAFTING
I had fun today feel free to post below your latest projects, what makes you happy?

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Monday, July 23

A little Kaszazz box making practice

Today I was able to bring myself to start creating my box I completed with Kaszazz paper I so love it.

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The box coming together....

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For fun thought I'd share the latest stats on the visitors to this blog if your debating weather to join the design team or not, it's viewed world wide...

United States
United Kingdom

What not to say, negativity sticks!!! encouragement and positivity goes along way...

As an attempt to make this more personal and people can relate more, share stories and they are especially since finding out about my knee I'm hearing many other long term pain suffer stories as well, it's really horrible the way the system is but if we pay upfront we can get in at the end of the week, I researched some suggestions of prices of surgery, woweee not a chance. I know and knew I'm not the only one but I think if and when we can something will be done earlier - one day other wise still on the waiting list. I started craft to focus on something positive, we never have found a cause for my stroke medical wise and partially is due to the stress of being bullied and hated upon, all I did was try and stand up for myself, bullies just made up more, twisted more and carried on more, so I ended it with craft!!

I'm so much happier these days there is so much support when sharing creations so much support in people wanting to share how they made something, everything created is a lil different in some way and has our own touch, and no one hates you just because you didn't create something not quite right, troll you, stalk you spread rumors about you, just because a layout was not to standard, they encourage you, help you share suggestions to make it the way you want. Finally feeling happy.

Many of times people kept telling me "get a life" make sure its your own, you copy everyone on well everything......

Funny thing is I always had a life, my own, everyone is inspired in their own way, there is a reason we do what we do, everyone shares their story and reasons when they do, everyone's life is different, and we are living it our own way.

Don't EVER let anyone make you feel worthless as this is all they are trying to do, there incentive is to try and hurt you saying this, damage you. Your real friends know who you truly are, you know who you truly, keep doing what makes you happy...

Below is a list of negatives post below if you can relate or have a story to share, you know when your the better person - Actions will always speak louder than words, but words hurt as well when negative..

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Sunday, July 22

No layout?....What the....

It's ok, I've just been in a bit of pain last few days learning to deal with the fact my knee needs surgery and I have to wait and could be years if not forever, I have torn cartilage, swelling and odema.

So slowly getting over the initial shock sort reason I started doing layouts something I can do without getting all my craft gear out if I'm really in pain can still do something.

Today I received a gift of a lovely friend from our Happy Crafters community a stack of Kaszazz papers they are absolutely stunning, I so love Kaszazz paper range. Think I have fallen in love.

Thank you I greatly appreciate the gesture, funny how nothing but a small piece of pretty paper makes me smile these days.....

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I've also started an online adopt a project program you can read about it here, and we are starting to expand the community with community group click on the links to find out further information.

Keep on crafting stay happy....always something to do...

Saturday, July 21

Whats in the box? Simple Box Layout

So todays layout is something different that I'm going to try as my next project, its the simple box layout that you can turn into something really fancy.

If your new to craft and have not got an idea how to make a box or even if your an expert looking for inspiration your in the right place here is a simple box layout and will share my ideas below.

The plan is to make the top lid a doily with the pattern hanging down wards and a bow on the top of it in the corner the sides not sure yet will be a surprise got as far as the lid I'll take photos step by step and share the process here of my own creations....In the mean time check out this Kaszazz tutorial of making a box here.

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