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Wednesday, October 31

October, that's a wrap!! - Design Team Post

With a few things to do this time round I decided to do a couple of posts, the first being our design team post, the next will be our announcement of the top 10 For October. With 88 entries that's a lot to get through and so much inspiration. So with out further delay please enjoy the teams craft for inspiration for your next lot of entries. - Anything goes with an optional theme of LACE!!

If you create in your first 3 entries anything show casing lase direct for the Happy Craft challenge we'll pop a fourth entry opportunity in your comments section this month and onwards pending the theme.


Morning all

Design Team - layouts and cards
Member - Maureen Wood Click her name to visit more of Maureens work via her blog

The subject for this month is WATER COLOUR TECHNIQUES.

The first of the month has come around again very quickly with lots of great entries during October. Some of the people who have entered could better tell you about the techniques of water colour than I can. I have had little experience. Mixed Media is not my favourite part of paper crafting.

I have several items  I can use to create with Water colours, not that i use them very much except for my water colour pencils.
I have Kaszazz Water colour pencils which i do use to colour my Card Images
I have a Water colour paint set from Uniquely Creative
Ranger Distress Crayons  and Kaiser craft Paints and Mists
I usually leave the background painting  for my granddaughter to do. ( as she loves to play with paints) and always leaves me a supply when she comes to visit . I have only just run out
Here are a couple of Images  that i have used in my cards and layouts with her  creating  the Back ground  with using some of the below techniques

1)Technique of Colour Blending 

This is  experimenting with blending different colours together.First paint a shape or squiggle line with plain water only. Then dip the brush into the paint and add it to the watered area. Watch it spread, then clean your brush and choose a second colour. Apply this to the opposite end of your watered area and watch the colours blend together. You can move your paper side to side to help the water colour run together

2) Technique of SPLATTERING:

I do use this technique on my layouts, and is very messy and I hate messy, but not often
This technique makes quite a mess. I suggest covering any areas of your paper that you don’t want to be splattered. Load your brush with paint then hold it over the top of your paper. With the other hand, tap your brush and watch the paint splatter onto your paper. Rinse your brush, choose your next colour and splatter away. Or you can hold your paintbrush between your thumb and middle fingers. Using your index finger, pull back on the bristles and let them snap forward. This method is a bit unpredictable, but can yield some very fun results.

3)  Technique of Plastic 

Load an acrylic block  with desired paint then spritz with water,. Dab your piece of plastic ( used the plastic from packets of embellishments) into the colour and then place it onto your paper and smooch it down , continue placing it into your paint and onto your paper and smooching it, until the desired effect is obtained. Add water if require for the paint to drip

I have used each of the two of the techniques  (although  i would say not very well) on my layout. I think i am going to have  to watch more YOU TUBE VIDEOS. Before i attempt another one. 

I have used the plastic Technique on the outside of the page, splatters through out and each of the circles are coloured and then  water added to paint circles to give a shading effect

Design Team Member


I have decided to create more digital media pieces, its helping me bring out my confidence a lot more in all areas of craft, as I am finding the right balance.

Also digital media I can share and explain the process in more detail a little easier with you all, rather than paper versions, Maureens, good at doing that.

So with this piece I used several software programs and different elements to the card to create a Christmas watercolor effect.

The main programs I use at the moment are

With this card there are 5 elements directly added on the card by me, and then background being the last and finishing touch, there are many free mock card set ups out there with backgrounds where you can add your design to make it look real.

The border 
The Tree
The Bells
The Merry Christmas Sentiment
and the Background Watercolor splash

and I just fiddled around with these elements until I was happy.
With the watercolor splash and the program I used mainly PIZAP for this I was able to change the color of it, from blue, green, red, to any other shade I wanted.

Things can get a bit tricky being online probably just as much as a paper version, as you have to work out the layers as well, and if you don't get it right sometimes you have to clear the screen and start over it can be frustrating at times.

I hope you enjoyed my little intro on digital media, you'll see more projects come from with this kind of craft, don't get me wrong I still love paper versions I love both, see with digital I can create from start to finish then print it on a card for real and then add an embellishment or two to finish it just to throw out ideas there for you, so just because I'm doing more digital paper version is here for life still :-)

I hope you enjoyed our Design team monthly post and we look forward to seeing many new entries and optional theme choice being LACE this month.

If you'd like to be a part of the design team please email me at anytime, have a look at the design team tab and answer a few questions, its world wide, and always welcome no matter your craft or level experience, everyone who crafts, deserves the opportunity to be a part of a team.

We look forward to an exciting new month and sure hope you can join us, come join our new HAPPY CRAFT CREATIONS group love to see you there, YUP it's world wide too

Shortly we'll announce our OCTOBER top 10, stay tuned, thank you all for being a part of the Happy Craft Community I so greatful you are here.

News in, The Community Has Spoken

BOO did I scare ya, ha? oh well, why not hop on over and join our newly named facebook group

HAPPY CRAFT CREATIONS - We had a poll going for most of the month and the community made suggestions and voted, and the winner was JACQUI Mccully

Now it feels right rather than just plain old Happy Craft Challenge Support Group.

We had a few entries and many voted, thank you to everyone who took part, I just love it.


Every month now the community decides on our optional theme, it's still and will always be anything goes, but for a brownie point and a extra entry following the guidelines with the theme, you'll get to have 4 entries, if one of your first 3 is showcasing our theme.

FOR NOVEMBER it's LACE!! if any of your first 3 projects share your using lace for the Happy Craft We'll let you know personally on getting a 4 th entry WOW how cool is that.

Related image

Anyhow yes we are going FACEBOOK group live at 1030am today Australian eastern standard time

See you there, more lives more regularly <3

Cheers Megan.

Tuesday, October 30

Tis the season to be a lil silly fa lal alalalala

No automatic alt text available.

Started on my Christmas Cards this year, is it to early? There is already Christmas stuff on the shelves in stores, we've not even had the Melbourne Cup yet, Halloween is only tomorrow LOL

Thanks for stopping by hope you like it.

With a little love

My little motivational card I made today
I hope you like it

Many have asked me about the quote, I wrote it myself on the picture, added the paint splash behind it and other elements to the card. The software used Canva. com has many different fonts, can make it look realistic. 

I feel much more confident creating as they are still my own can print them and stick them on to a card when needed. love it.

Thanks for stopping by

Monday, October 29

How old are you again?

Happiness, playing around on digital media and creating pretty things for fun.

I hope you like my card thanks for stopping by, if you would love any of these digital elements I can advise you where to get them from, just send me an email anytime, I'd be happy to help you in the right direction.

I'm entering this in

Pile It On

Mystical Scrapbooks October - Gypsys Challenge

We were to add 3 elements from the list on Gypys blog page this month, I chose, mixed numbers, pattern paper, texture paper

I hope you like my interpretation this one was fun
Thanks for stopping by

More Details are found here
Mystical Scrapbooks

October Sketch challenge - Mystical Scrapbooks

This is my sketch challenge entry for the October Challenge with Mystical Scrapbooks - Donna's Challenge

Image may contain: Megan Flynn, text

No automatic alt text available.

Thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoy my take on this sketch
Mystical Scrapbooks

Sunday, October 28

Creative Memories Virtual Crop 6 - October 2018

Here is my take on crop number 6, oh my gosh I did all 6 Creative Memories crop challenges wow, I never thought I'd complete them all this was virtual crop number 3 I have participated in this month, I think I'm becoming addicted to the crop challenges lol, either way I stack up a nice collection of pages for myself, but I am desperately running out of photos. Some are easy challenges, some where harder than others and then some I was just not in the mood for and had to do something, but I learned something new each and every time a long the way. Even one particular project I have done among the 3 crops got short listed WOW!!! We'll see how that goes.

Like using particular products is hard as my stash on anything is quite low, so I include product suggestions in my post so I'm using their products to a sense, so in this one for creative memories the product suggested is

Last Chance Products
SORBET STICKERS with the bluey wave effect in them you could place somewhere on your  sketch here

No automatic alt text available.

For more information on this virtual crop from Creative Memories can be found here

Support my work on Patreon

We have created a Patreon page we'd love you to come on over and further more support the Happy Craft challenge -where you'll get once a month exclusive digital blank sketches, and even completed ones for greeting cards etc, you'll get tips and tricks in the digi world and what you can do from digi to the paper world regularly. There will be even mini challenges on Patreon for members only, so be sure you have signed up so you don't miss a thing.

The first blank sketch is up and available for members only - Note anyone that miss uses the work that I do, will not be welcome within the community, simple as that. Your welcome to share your proud completed work be sure you support us back and tag us, share us so we can share you too.

This will help me further more create and learn in the paper versions of my own digital sketches which I will share many that I do in Patreon only.

It's world wide too anyone can become a member of the exclusive happy club.

Last CALL OUT FOR OCTOBER - Reminder to follow the BLOG for your chance at a place!

Hi everyone

Just a reminder to be sure that you are following the blog if you have entered the Happy Craft Challenge we have a lot of entries to go through this month and have started to check them all to ensure you are following us, as it's in the rules, and we'd like to announce the top 10 in a timely manner so the community in our facebook group can vote on the amazing entries.

If you have not done so join our facebook group today so you can join in the voting for top places, winners announced at the end of the first week of each month.

So so many, and love this job, some say we have a hard choice yup but its fun at the same time.

We wish everyone the best of luck and don't forget to support us in your posts with our blog supporter badge, and if you make top 10 badge and there is a top 3 and winner badges as well.

We so hope you join us here at the Happy Craft Challenge next Month - November we will be having an optional theme and as always anything goes!!
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Happy Crafiting

Creative Memories Virtual Crop 5

Here is my crop number 5, it's one of my favorites out of this crop to date managed a few dog photos in this one...

Virtual-Crop-October-Scrapbook-Sketch5-Creative-Memories (1).jpg

Why not add a Creative Memories touch to it my suggestion is
Why not add a cute animal sticker or two

More information on this virtual crop can be found here

Virtual Crop 4 - Creative Memories

Here is my take for virtual crop 4

I hope you like it, thanks for stopping by

Use Creative Memories Embellishment Packs for the flowers


For more information on this crop please visit the Creative Memories Blog below

Happy Craft Challenge Facebook Page

Thank you for your comments!

I read them all, and there for all are moderated. Thanks so much, I'm very greatful.

Megan XO