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Happy Craft Challenge - Always Anything Goes

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About the Happy Hour Craft Challenge

Hi there, my name is Megan I have been bullied for most of my life online and offline for just following my dreams and wanting to help communities I've always been highly proud off being a part with them. I've put in so many hours, sacrificed, my privacy at times, even donations. But always happy to help despite getting bullied.

In 2015 I had a stroke, it was a large ischemic stroke which where I never will fully recover from, even then I was taunted and made a joke off, even said to me, that I am a liar and didn't really have one, I should be on this cord and that cord whilst in hospital, and bullies behind a screen. and now I get told "to get over myself it was years ago, there are worse people than you". It hurts everyday. 

Before stroke I was stupid enough spending a lot of time responding to the trolls, stupid enough in trying to stand up for myself and getting no where, after my stroke something changed, enough was enough, stress is a big part of the reason I had a stroke, we have yet to find a medical reason why it happened. Since stroke, I decided to create things behind closed doors, and focus on something to be proud off and giving me a reason not to spend anymore time responding to trolls, since then, I've been feeling happier, creating a happier social circle and seeing some wonderful positive results.

The people I have blocked on social media deserve to be blocked and will remain blocked! They are not my friends. I once trusted them, I once would of gone out of my way for them, but they wont tell you that, they'll play victim, that they got screwed over by me. Work in numbers to make their stories believable- never the truth, that is why they have never got anywhere, in trying to bring me down, they have been trying for years,they even say this, we've been trying to get Megan for years, whats her secret? to bring down a genuine member of the community creating opportunity and assistance to others in need.

They don't care about how their actions effect my health they'll deny that their actions should have anything to do with my health, I brought it on myself, It's all to easy now to share who the bullies really are, it's in my favor now, their continued actions towards me publicly without me responding to it, only now truly shows who they are, I've not responded to them in years, yet they still carry on even thoe , they have absolutely nothing to do with my life!!
Their repeated actions towards me on social media just make it easier for me to block and control these days. They'll complain about that If they truly supported me, you would not need a public troll page to get answers, you'd communicate with me appropriately don't you think?...Their words will speak 0 of their actions!!

So now my life has brought me to craft, something I can do and achieve in my own free time, and free will without the negativity....

So I created a community and asked for help and donations in supplies, and well it's been an over whelming response more than I ever imagined. I know this is for me, and now have created the community where others to can have the same opportunity and ask for craft help when needed. Craft is now all I have, all I do in 4 walls, as I can no longer walk long distance and waiting for surgery on my knee that could be years, I have memory loss, in pain 24/7, Its hard for me to comprehend things,
Further opportunities are found via our facebook group, I suffer from chronic pain just to get from A to B now. craft is perfect, it has been a savior receiving plenty of Happy mail truly makes my day and it's such a huge relief, I cry nearly everytime I get a lovely letter in the mail, after all I have been through.

So here's to the Happy Hour craft challenge, you to can earn a "I'm a happy crafter" blogging badge for those with blogs, we are growing from strength to strength, we are blog focused you we love you share your entries on your blog in a post and link us to your efforts, if your on any of our social media pages please insure we get a notification each month to enter, and we share all entries here.

Thank you for taking the time to read and I look forward to learning about you some more and see many more craft inspiration to come.

This is a world wide challenge we now get international entries entering the challenge this is awesome, I too enter many challenges each month with what ever I feel and choose at the time, I love seeing all the different styles from everyone and other countries so inspiring and creative, why not give it a go and enter, International entries that win are offered a featured blog post to be shared in the feature section and displayed for the entire following month, Australian residents are awarded local prizes when available and also the feature blog spot.!!

Happy CRAFTING :-)


  1. Your doing an amazing job well done, happy to be a part of this amazing community you have created. Thank you Megan.

  2. Thanks for your wonderful challenge. Wish you all the best.


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